WordPress A powerful tool to develop creative websites

Pre-requisites for this documentation :
1. Content Management System.
2. WordPress
3. Themes in wordpress.
4. Plugin’s in wordpress.

WordPress is most popular blogging CMS on web. AT present it becomes first choice for content management websites and also for non-blogging websites. It’s user friendly interface and powerful key features makes it more popular.
We listed out top features of wordpress , which makes it so powerful.
1. Easy to implement
Wordpress interface is one of the best user friendly interfaces. It’s interface is so easy that , someone who doesn’t have professional experience of programming , can easily handle it. Implementation of new plugin’s, or launching some new blog posts or applying some new widgets is so easy that , anyone can handle it.
2. Can manage from anywhere , from any computer
Wordpress is working with browser. So it can be used from anywhere.With any net connecting device like , Tab laptop or a desktop computer. It doesn’t require special programs in computer to handle.
3. Specific softwares,editors are not required
As mentioned above . WordPress is based on browser. It doesn’t required any special software language editor’s like adobe dreamviewer or any other editor. Anyone who wants to use this just have to log in to admin panel and can update photos , posts , can switch themes , add new plugin’s etc.

4. SEO (Search engine optimization ) friendly websites
It is the best feature of this CMS. WordPress architecture is one of the simple, modular and SEO friendly. We can insert keywords in permalinks, can add metatags , specific titles for posts which are compulsory elements for SEO. Every page , Posts , Images having their own meta keywords, that allowed them to properly visible on search engine like google etc. More Further there are plugin’s also available for SEO purpose that can improve the visibility on search engine and can provide accurate results.
5. Full authorization of website
Anyone can handle wordpress website. It’s Open source , free so it can be download by anyone.
6. Front end design modification is possible
Wordpress themes are customizable. If you are not satisfied completely with your theme , and wants to moderate or change some part of it you can customize it. There are lots of visual editor plugin’s available for this.
Moreover if you have development skills in html, css, bootstrap and php you can customize it.
7. Best way of blogging
Blogging is the root key feature of this CMS. WordPress was originally invented for blogging only. Linking up of your blog is an easier task. Setting up recent blogs on other pages like home page or other pages, commenting on blogs, Adding internal links , external links, setting up images etc features are available with blogging. For making website more dynamic and get continually touch with clients E-mail subscription facility is also available.

8. Plugin’s , Way to expand features of website
There is wide range of plugin’s available which can fulfill specific needs of websites. Front end editing , e-commerce implementation, SEO implementation, business management…. And so on, there are a large no of plugin verity is available. Integration of plugin’s in website is very easy. Thousands of plugin’s are also available free on wordpress community website.
9. Modification, switching in themes is very easy
The best part of front end design in this CMS is you can change/switch it easily. For switching it there are simple steps to follow. Anyone can do it without going in coding part.
10. Multiple User facility, login facility is available.
An administer can create multiple login for different users. This facility is available in this CMS. These multiple users can maintain their profile and can see the record of past actions.

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