Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology which provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools. We believe that Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms available today, with editions ranging from community open source, to massive, large-scale enterprise SaaS based systems.

Duration :-60 Hours

Who Can take this course - Target Audience :-

  1. 10th & 12th class students
  2. Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates
  3. Post graduate students - BCA, MCA, B.Tech , M.Tech

Pre-requisites for the Class: -

  1. HTML, CSS & Java Script
  2. PHP
  3. Knowledge of programming techniques would be an advantage

Course Content: -

Basics of Magento

  1. General OOP and MVC concepts
  2. Event-driven architecture
  3. Magento module-based architecture
  4. Magento directory structure/naming conventions/code pools/namespaces/module structure
  5. Configuration XML
  6. Factory and functional class groups
  7. Class overrides
  8. Event observer Page 6 v.021811
  9. Request Flow
  10. Application initialization
  11. Front controller
  12. URL rewrites
  13. Request routing
  14. Modules initialization
  15. Design and layout initialization
  16. Structure of block templates
  17. Flushing data (output)

Working with Database in Magneto

  1. Models resource and collections
  2. Magneto Object Relational Mapping
  3. Magento module-based architecture
  4. Write, install and upgrade scripts using set up resources

Admin HTML

  1. Common structure/architecture
  2. Form and Grid Widgets
  3. System configuration XML and configuration scope
  4. ACL (permissions)
  5. Enabling and configuring extensions


  1. Template structure
  2. Blocks
  3. Design layout SML schema, CMS content directives

Entity-Attribute-Value model

  1. Model concepts
  2. EAV entity
  3. Load and Save
  4. Attributes management

Recommended next Course after this course: -

  1. PHP FrameWork ( CodeIgniter, Cake PHP , Laravel )
  2. CMS ( WordPress , Joomla , Magento )
  3. Digital Marketing