WordPress a powerful tool for website development

What is wordpress.
Wordpress is a CMS ( Content Management System ) Based on Php and Mysql. It was released on 27th may 2003 By Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
It is Free and Open source in nature. Anyone can download it and can use it accordingly.
It is very flexible in nature. We can use various already made plugin’s and themes to develop a powerful website. The most important thing about wordpress is that , it is a bit easy from other CMS to learn.
According to the sources till February 2017, It is used by 58.7% of all the websites whose content management system is known. This is 27.5% of the top 10 million websites.

Key Concepts using by wordpress , which makes it powerful tool.
1. Plugin’s
Plugin is improve the basic concept of programming known as “Modularity”. A plugin is a group or we can say combination of functions which are grouped to perform specific tasks. WordPress Plugin’s are developed with Php.
Plugin’s are used to extend the features of a wordpress website. Plugin’s are very powerful tools which completes the specific requirements of clients. It also improves modularity approach in website architecture. Plugins Plugin’s are provided by various companies , organizations which are both : free and paid in nature. Various Plugin’s are available for Front end design, Navigation bars, Form submission’s , Business management, Widget’s , Specific business needs etc. i.e a large number of verity is available.

2. Themes
Theme’s term basically refer to the front end design of website. It is , we can say act like skin of website. In wordpress we can install a theme even can switch among themes.
We can change or switch amonge themes , without changing anything in code.
A wordpress theme can be paid , free , or customized. We can buy theme license from various theme provider organization. One should take care about updation’s time with theme before purchasing it. Premium themes usually have a reliable code base and offer support if something goes wrong.
Thousands of themes are available which are free. One can use these by following proper guidelines.

3. Permalinks
Firstly we have to under what permalinks are :
Permalinks term refers to permanent links. The URL’s which we wants to point on click. A permalink is the web address used to link to specific content.
Permalinks are used to point specific targets like pages, blog posts, categories etc. There are some ways by following them we can generate permanent links for our targets.
Benefits of using Permalinks :
Use of permalinks is important because one can generate URL’s with specific keywords which improves SEO purpose.
Another benefit of permalinks is it improves the readability of website.
How to use or create Permalinks
By default wordpress uses web URL’s which contains day and name.
If we wants to generate custom permalinks we have to select permalinks tab from settings menu.
On Permalink screen you will find a list which contains different format of permalinks. –
From this list , you can select only one format type. For custom structure , as we can see in list , we have to put required keyword after domain link.

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