Asp.Net Programming

This ASP .Net Training provides an exhaustive coverage of .NET framework and ASP.NET technology features like ASP.NET Architecture, State Management, Master pages, User & Custom Controls and Data Access, Authentication and Authorization, Navigation, Web Configuration, Health Monitoring, Instrumentation, Web Services, AJAX and Deployment.ASP.Net Training.

Duration :- 60 Hours

Who Can take this course - Target Audience :-

  1. 10th & 12th class students
  2. Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates
  3. Post graduate students - BCA, MCA, B.Tech , M.Tech

Pre-requisites for the Class: -: -

  1. OOPs Concepts
  2. C Programming
  3. Computer literate
  4. Knowledge of programming techniques would be an

Course Content:-

1..NET Framework 2. Web Technologies
3.Web Sites and Page Frameworks 4. NET Server Controls
5.NET State Management and Caching 6.NET User Controls
7.NET Custom Controls 8. Master Pages and themes
9.NET Data Access 10. LINQ
11.NET Security 12. NET Personalization
13.Globalization 14. NET Navigation
15.Web Administration 16.WebPart Personalization
17.Web Services 18.NET AJAX
19.Deployment 20.Create web based applications
21.Use different server controls to create rich user interactive web sites
22.Use different techniques of State Management
23.Access data from the database in data bound controls on the web page
24.Apply Master page to different pages in the web site
25.Use ASP.NET security features for authenticating the web site
26.Perform configuration settings in web.config file
27.Personalize a web page by using web parts
28. Use ASP.NET Training & AJAX to create asynchronous web applications

Recommended next Course after this course: -

  1. MCTS Certification Preparation
  2. SharePoint
  3. SQL Concepts
  4. SQL Server Developer
  5. PL/SQL
  6. PL/SQL