What are Permalinks in WordPress Types, Benefits and How to use.

Pre-requisites for this documentation:
1. Content Management System.
2. What is wordpress.

Firstly we have to understand what permalinks are :
Permalinks term refers to permanent links. The URL’s which we wants to point on click. It is the web address used to link to specific content.
It is used to point specific targets like pages, blog posts, categories etc. There are some ways by following them we can generate permanent links for our targets.

Benefits of using Permalinks :

Use of permalinks is important because one can generate URL’s with specific keywords which improves SEO purpose.

Another benefit is it improves the readability of website.

How to use or create Permalinks
By default wordpress uses web URL’s which contains day and name.

If we wants to generate custom permalinks we have to select permalinks tab from settings menu.
On Next screen you will find a list which contains different format. –
1. Plain: http://eclatsoftech.com/?p=123
2. Day and Name: http://eclatsoftech.com/2018/07/03/sample-post/
3. Month and Name http://eclatsoftech.com/2018/07/sample-post/
4. Numeric: http://eclatsoftech.com/archives/123
5. Post Name: http://eclatsoftech.com/sample-post/
6. Custom Structure: http://eclatsoftech.com/_________

From this list , you can select only one format type. For custom structure , as we can see in list , we have to put required keyword after domain link.

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