"Plugin" Powerful tool of Wordpress.

What is a Plugin in WordPress – Types and how to install it

Plugin is improve the basic concept of programming known as “Modularity”. It is a group or we can say combination of functions which are grouped to perform specific tasks. WordPress Plugin’s are Php language based.

The Key benefits of using plugins are –
1. It makes website development faster.
2. Most importantly It makes it easy for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code.

Plugin’s are used to extend the features of a wordpress website. It is a very powerful tool because it completes the specific requirements of clients. It also improves modularity approach in website architecture.

Plugin’s are provided by various companies , organizations which are both : free and paid in nature. Various Plugin’s are available for Front end design, Navigation bars, Form submission’s , Business management, Widget’s , Specific business needs etc. i.e a large number of verity is available.

There are two types : ( on the basis of uses )
` 1. Free 2. Paid
There are two types of plugins ( On the basis of development )
1. Ready made 2. Customized by developer
There are thousands of plugin’s which are provided by wordpress community itself. Which are SEO friendly and secure for website.
How to install :
There Two methods of installing plugin’s:

1. We can install it directly from admin area. For that follow the following steps:
1. Click on Plugin’s tab.
2. Click on add new plugin
3. Search the suitable plugin.
4. Click on install tab.

2. We can install it by downloading it and installing plugin manually using FTP client.

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